Mini Pocket Portable Printer

$69.99 $159.99

Mini Pocket Portable Printer For On-the-Go 

Tired of the hassle of tangled cords and limited mobility in your workspace?

Experience the freedom of a wire-free, agile environment with our innovative solution, eliminating the frustration and enhancing your productivity.

Trusted By Australians

Empower your on-the-go printing with our top-rated portable mini printer, endorsed by users for its unparalleled excellence.

Join happy Australian customers who love and trust our portable mini printer – your key to hassle-free, quality printing anywhere, anytime.

Benefits For The Mini Pocket Portable Printer

✅ Ink-less Thermal Printing: Clear prints, no ink cartridges. T02 printer simplifies the process.

✅ Portable Pocket Printer: T02 mini printer, pocket-sized for on-the-go printing, perfect for students.

✅ Student-Friendly Sticker Maker: T02 prints photos, texts, labels, & various stickers for creative students.

✅ Powerful App Control: Phomemo app for T02 offers easy editing, adjusting, & personalising. Enhance your prints with filters and text.

✅ Practical and Unique Gift: T02 mini printer is a functional and exceptional gift for photography enthusiasts & DIY lovers. Ideal for birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, & Christmas.

✅ Effortless Setup: T02 ensures quick & easy setup, allowing you to start printing in no time.

✅ Versatile Printing Options: Print a variety of materials – from study materials to creative designs – with T02's versatility.

✅ Long-Lasting Battery: T02's reliable battery ensures extended usage for all your printing needs.

✅ Quick Printing Speed: Enjoy fast printing with T02, making it convenient for busy schedules.

✅ Compact and Stylish Design: T02's sleek design combines portability with style, making it a fashionable accessory for any setting.

✅ Save $1000 yearly with Phomemo T02: Achieve 203dpi HD printing without toner, ink, or ribbons. 

Precision Without Hassle

T02's ink-less printer delivers crystal-clear prints, eliminating ink cartridges for an effortless and efficient printing experience, perfect for study materials and creative projects.

On-the-Go Creativity

T02 mini printer, pocket-sized for convenience, empowers students and creatives to print anywhere. Student-friendly sticker-making feature adds versatility for unique expressions on the move.

What's Included:

  • 1 × T02 Pocket Printer
  • 1 × USB Charge Cable
  • 1 × Paper Holder for T02 Printer
  • 1 × White Thermal Paper (inside the Printer)
  • 1 × User Manual
  • 1 × Packing Box

Feel Safe With A 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Feel safe with a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee. We are Australia’s leading Home Supplies store. Feel free to contact us within 14 days of arrival and receive a FULL REFUND.

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