The Voyager Cat Backpack with Cover


The Ultimate Cat Backpack For Traveling

Are You Tired of Leaving Your Furry Friend Behind?

Travel stress-free with our Cat Backpack, creating lasting memories together. It provides a safe and comfy space for your furry friend, ensuring peace of mind on your journeys.

Trusted By Australians 

Trust our premium Cat Backpack, favoured by experts and cat owners. Its breathable mesh fabric and user-friendly cover guarantee a safe and comfortable adventure. Travel with confidence, ensuring your cat's happiness and health.

Benefits Of The Voyager Cat Backpack with Cover 

✅ Enjoy Outdoor Adventures With Your Furry Companion

✅ Easy-To-Remove Cover, Taking Your Pet To The Vet Has Never Been Easier!

✅ Made With Eco-Friendly Materials That Are Waterproof & Anti-Dirt

✅ Designed With Breathable Holes For Excellent Air Flow

✅ Equipped With A Comfortable Strap & Chest Buckle For Hassle-Free Travel

✅ Comes With Convenient Net Pockets For Storing Water & Snacks

✅ Stress-Free Travel Knowing Your Cat Is Comfortable & Secure, Reducing Stress For Both You & Your Pet

✅ Durable & Long-Lasting Materials For All Your Adventures, Built To Withstand Wear & Tear

Hassle-Free Vet Visits & Easier Pet Access

Simplify your life with the Voyager Cat Backpack. Ideal for outdoor adventures and vet visits, it's transparent cover streamlines checkups. The fully openable side allows easy access for your pet. With waterproof and anti-dirty materials, it's effortless to clean and suitable for various small pets up to 6.5kg (cats) and 5kg (dogs).

The Ultimate Solution For Pet Transportation

Explore boundless adventures with the Voyager Cat Backpack with Cover. It's perfect for vet visits, outdoor excursions, and more, keeping small pets under 6.5kg (cats) and 5kg (dogs) safe and comfortable. Order now.

Whats Included:

  • 1x pet backpack
  • Cover
  • 1x cushion
  • Size: 33cm*25cm*41cm
  • Color: Black
  • Material: PVC
  • Type: Backpack Carrier
  • Feature: Waterproof and dirty
  • Model: Pet backpack
  • Suitable for: Small cats under 6.5kg and dogs under 5kg

Feel Safe With A 14 Day Money Back Guarantee  

Feel safe with a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee. We are Australia’s leading Home Supplies store. Feel free to contact us within 14 days of arrival and receive a FULL REFUND.

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